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Welcome to my Genuine Homer Page


Welcome to my Genuine Homer page. I am just getting started with this breed. There are a few fanciers in my area that raise them and I am looking forward to showing against them next year. The Red Bar is the hen and the Blue Bar is the cock. I was able to pick them up at the Great Western Pigeon Show from John Heppner. He is a real pigeon fancier as most pigeon people already know. He is always getting people started with quality birds and I think this pair is a good example of that. I am going to try and gather some information on the breeds history and add it to this page in the future. Thanks for checking this page out.



Genuine Homer Background

The Genuine Homer is a fairly new breed. The first specialty club was established in England back in 1923. Since 1924 the breed has been recognized and standardized there.
The Genuine Homer was developed by crossing following breeds: Show Homers, Exibition Homers and the Dragoon. The standard does not sprcify any particular color, but does call  for the color to be bright and clear. In barred varieties the bar should be broad. One of the most distinctive qualities of the Genuine Homer is it's bright white eyes. This breed is considered a rare breed here in the United States.